Biggest Rice Exporter of India

According to a data released by the Thai Rice Exporters Association, India has already become the biggest rice exporter around the world. India has exported 10.23 million tons of rice in 2015 and Thailand with 9.8 million tons. In regard with imports, China is still considered as the #1 when it comes to rice import.

But, what exactly is the biggest rice exporter of India? There are actually ten rice producing states all over India that are considered as the biggest exporters. They also have contributed further in the gross production of the nation. This is also the significant reason why India is the leading rice producer around the world. Three of the biggest rice exporter of India includes the following:

Andhra Pradesh

Andra Pradesh is the third biggest rice exporter of India. This state also holds a share of almost twelve percent in total rice production all over the country. It also stands as one of the states with the highest yield of rice and with more than 3,100 kilogram/hectare.

Uttar Pradesh

This is included in the biggest rice exporters of India. This also ranked as the second in the top ten biggest rice exporters of India. Actually, rice is consumed in Uttar Pradesh and is usually grown in an area of fifty-nine Lakh hectares. The state has its yield of more than 2,300 kilograms every hectare.

In addition to that, it further contributes almost thirteen percent in the overall rice production all over the country. The rice growing areas include Budaun, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Agra and Saharanpur. Other areas in the state include Shusk Samrat, Saroj, Kalaboro, Manhar and Sarraiya with all other rice varieties grown.

West Bengal

West Bengal is actually the biggest rice exporter of India with a total production of 146.05 Lakh Tons. Rice is produced in large area in West Bengal in almost fifty Lakh Hectares of land. This is by far fifty percent of the total land cultivated in the state.

Rice varieties are grown in three various seasons in the state; summer, autumn and winter. Other main rice producing districts include Murshidabad, Burdwan, Hooghly, Nadia and Howrah. Truly, West Bengal has a high rice yield of almost 2,600 kilograms every hectare.

Now, you already have learned the biggest rice exporters of India, considering the yearly production of rice. India is actually a developing country with all its industries being established. Still, agriculture is the backbone of the economy. It is just essential for this country to produce enough agricultural items and rice in order to strengthen the country’s economy. And, this way, the self-sufficiency will be attained by the country. And thus, they will be able to export rice in neighboring states and countries.

The rice varieties produced by the states in India are sent to different countries by the leading and premier exporters of rice grains. India truly has something to offer to its neighboring countries and states when it comes to rice varieties!

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