Countries Producing the Best Quality Rice in the World

Due to the very reason that rice is a staple food of a lot of countries, an increase in the number of countries that produce the best quality rice is noted. Below are the countries that are known to produce the best quality rice in the world.

Best Rice Types:

  1. Basmati Rice
  2. Chinese Black Rice
  3. Jasmine Rice
  4. Paella Rice
  5. Risotto Rice
  6. Sushi Rice


India is considered as the second biggest country that produces rice around the world. It has its average production of ninety-five million metric tons. It is mainly equivalent to twenty-percent of the total production of rice. Actually, rice is such a staple food and is mostly cultivated in all the states of India. The Ganga-Brahmaputra Valley contributes the biggest amount of high quality rice and the coastal regions.

The major states in India that produce rice include Tamil Nadu, Bihar, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Odisha and Karnataka. It is through irrigation that the production of paddy is improved. Nevertheless, the average yield is still low than any other rice-producing countries. India is also a major exporter of rice.


China is by far noted as the biggest country that produces rice around the world but India leads the business with producing top class basmati rice. Its average production is one-hundred thirty million metric tons that is equivalent to thirty-six percent of the production of the world. The rice culture has actually been developed in the early stage of civilization. This is why the country is considered as a conventional rice-producing country.

China’s “chinese black rice” is very popular across the rice lovers and China is at the top in producing such rice. With the coming of HYV rice seeds, China even increased its production and provided food to its huge population.


Indonesia is by far the third biggest country that produces rice around the world. As per its average production, it reached as high as thirty-seven million metric tons. The following areas in Indonesia that produce rice include; Borneo, Sumatra and Java.


Ten million hectares of land are attributed to the production of rice. The annual output reached as high as thirty million metric tons. Bangladesh is the major consumer of parboiled rice. This just made Bangladesh the main producer of rice around the world. The rice fields are not irrigated in the delta region of Ganges. The annual rainfall is two-hundred fifty centimeters and the soil is wet and heavy at all times.


Japan is also the main producer of rice and develops rice cultivation under such topographical conditions. It also ranks as the tenth country that produces rice. It actually dominates the coastal plains and low alluvial valleys. It is Kwanto plain that is the leading region in Japan that produces rice. Sushi rice produced by Japan is highly demanded and liked across the world.

They also introduced the so-called Japonica paddy hybrids that increase the rice output tremendously. The yield of rice in Japan is high as six-thousand one-hundred sixty-six kilograms per hectare. The maturing species that the agronomists in Japan devised are harvested in ninety-five days. Even double cropping is also carried out in the southern regions in Japan.

Pakistan, South Korea and Taiwan, Thailand are also countries that are producing rice. Jasmine rice is another popular rice type across the world that is produced by Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico. Even in Egypt, rice is grown in the valley and delta of Nile. Brazil is also another country that grows rice in the Southern countries. USA, mainly the coastland of Gulf of Mexico, also produces the best quality rice.

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