Can Rice Be Exported from India?

India is known due to its consistent paddy cultivation across the globe. Considering the statistical analysis, paddy production in the country reaches forty-six percent of the food crop production. Even other countries have a huge demand from this rice. In short, yes rice can be exported from India but one need to know what variety of rice, when you can export, what are the limitations and regulations before planning to export rice. Follow the several ways on how to export rice from India.

One must First have a Good Idea of the Country to Export the Rice

Search for the best and the most targeted market which is less competitive. Choose an importing country with a big demand for rice like Saudi Arabia, China, United States. You will have to make sure the type of rice needed in these countries are available in India to export. Different countries have different qualities, import requirements so you need to fulfill them to qualify as a rice exporter to these countries.

Analyze the Huge Demand in the Market

Analyzing the huge demand in the market is essential. Conducting a market analysis is also needed. This is usually done through secondary or primary research in the market. Experienced companies and related people may be asked about the various importing countries. Moreover, look for the latest trend and current news in the export field as they keep changing very often. This will help in getting a better and fairer idea of choosing the best international market that is ideal for the rice export business. Through a market survey, it will also help increase the export revenues.

Exact Procedure to Export Rice

Before exporting rice from India, learning more about the export procedure is a must. Better to be aware of the government’s export regulations including the import trade regulations and policies. Attend seminars, talk to the export companies and more.

Know the Competition

Since you are a beginner in the industry, it is necessary to know the competition. Choose a specific import market that has a good demand but with less competition. Follow other effective business strategies that help increase the rice export. Other effective marketing strategies could include high quality, low pricing, building reliability and trust, fast delivery, easy procedures and more.

Know the Laws and the Payment Methods for Exporting Rice

When doing a transaction, it is the payment method that plays its essential role in the business of export. Since you will be dealing with countries with various currencies, issuing the credit letter is the first requirement needed. Check the government website and know more about the payment procedures to export rice.

Transportation of Rice

When you intend to export rice to a specific country, make an effort to check the best transportation system. Make it sure that the transportation documents are arranged. If ever the documents will never be right, it will only lead to more issues at the next destination.

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