Finding Trusted White Rice Miller from India Exporting Rice to UAE

India is well-known for its rice cultivation. Other countries also order rice from India, so starting a rice export business would be a good business option. You just need to find a reliable white rice miller from India that exports rice to UAE.

Countries like China, Vietnam and Japan are some of the largest suppliers of rice in the world. However, the increasing demand for rice across the world has made a huge contribution to the growth of India’s rice export business. There are some things that you should keep in mind when looking for a white rice miller from India like the quality of rice and reliability of the supplier.

India is the top rice exporter in the world. In 2016, it shipped more than 40,000 metric tons of basmati rice which accounted for over 40% of product exports in the world.  The total export value of the rice was more than $6 billion. In March 2017, India exported basmati rice in eighty-eight countries. Saudi Arabia was India’s top importer, buying 79,880 metric tons of basmati rice, followed by Iran, UAE, Iraq and Kuwait.

Around 320 rice export companies in India exported basmati rice in March 2017.  The top rice exporters from India are KRBL, Lal Qilla, Kohinoor, Veer Overseas Exports, Dawaat, RiceofIndia, ACJK Exports, D.D International and L.T Foods. The number one exporter of basmati rice in the country is KRBL Limited, with the company generating 14.15 million USD in March 2017. The second largest exporter of basmati rice is D.D International. Here are some things that you should consider when buying rice from a rice miller from India.

Rice Packaging

Always keep in mind that high quality white rice doesn’t come in plastic bags. Look for rice in cloth packaging with brand and size labeling.

Rice Color

High quality rice is not pearly white. The grains will have a faintly golden color but should not be gray. Be clear on what color is your requirement, miller will be happy to supply the rice in that color.

Rice Shape

Longer grains are better. The grains should also have a slightly tapered end. Sona masoori white rice also called as arwa rice is exported in huge quantity.

Basmati rice has been around for many years and a lot of people prefer this rice. The fine white rice grains add a tempting aroma and taste to any dish it is included in. Even the simplest of dishes can become extraordinary with these grains. You can check the list of white rice millers from India on the internet. Most of rice millers have their own websites, so you can browse their pages and see what they can offer. This way, you can check their prices, terms and conditions as well as shipping costs. You can prepare your budget and you won’t be surprised by any unexpected cost.

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