How to Purchase Brown Rice in Bulk?

Brown rice is actually 100% whole grain food which is consumed by a lot of consumers. This is a healthy grain that contains inner germ layer and nutrient-dense bran whereas all bio-active compounds are found.

Due to its fiberfill bran coating, brown rice is given with a light tan color, chewy texture and nutlike flavor. Brown rice is also believed to be effective in reducing heart disease and in aiding laxation. This also helps reduce the onset of certain cancers and aid in weight maintenance.

Such a good source of minerals and vitamins, brown rice is also consisted of bioactive components that work synergistically to provide a lot of health benefits. Since this is a gluten-free rice and this does not contain trans fat and cholesterol, this has just become popularly consumed all over countries.

Now, how do you purchase brown rice?


If you are an exporter, then you can purchase this from various countries depending on the rice type. You can buy brown rice in bulk from India as well. India is a hub for rice, you will not have trouble in finding millers/agents to supply you brown rice.

Here are the steps:

  1. Search in google for brown rice miller/supplier/agent in India. (Use for your search)
  2. Spend some time in thoroughly going through the profiles of supplier/agent as there can be lot of fake ads.
  3. Ask them for a quotation with all the details and some high-resolution pictures.
  4. Check their social media profiles such as facebook, linkedin, Instagram for building some trust.
  5. Shortlist few and reach to them with follow up questions and referrals.
  6. You can have one-to-one in person meeting with them before finalizing the deal. Make sure to follow our guidelines for purchase agreement.

We are a miller from Odisha, India. If you are looking forward to purchase brown rice, then call our MD at +91 9938178394 or fill our contact us form.


If you are mainly interested in the purchase of brown rice, there are actually a lot of stores and shops to visit. There is only a need to be patient enough in shopping from one store to another. Now, for you to purchase a brown rice, you need to visit shops like Vietnamese or Chinese shops. If you want, you could try a Korean shop to find a lot of brown rice.

In addition to that, there are local Vietnamese grocery stores that stock brown rice, usually in a twenty kilogram bag. As per its price, it is around fifteen dollars as compared to the conventional or typical white rice. It is usually labeled as the SunBrown. Nevertheless, you need to be fully prepared when it comes to flying animals that come out of the sack or bag.

As highly emphasized, Asian shops provide for brown rice at a cheaper price possible as compared to chains. You may then visit any of these shops that just promise you an easy and convenient way of shopping. The good thing about brown rice and the reason why it is becoming more in demand is that it is excellent and awesome for your health than the white rice or jasmine variety.

Nevertheless, if you have no vehicle, or you have no means to buy a brown rice, you might as well check food suppliers online. You will enjoy the opportunity of purchasing twenty-kilogram packs of brown rice if you want. It will also vary on the public vehicle or transport vehicle where you will carry the sacks of brown rice.

If you want to purchase brown rice at the cheapest price possible, it is a lot better to compare the prices in supermarket. You may also compare three stores or more if you want. This way, you will end up with a good price of brown rice.

Of course, as a consumer, all you want is to find a great deal of brown rice on a fairly reasonable amount. Now, you already have learned just how to purchase brown rice by following the above-mentioned tips!

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