Is it Easy to Import Sort and Medium Grain Parboiled Rice from India to UAE?

Knowing how to import rice from India to UAE can help you start a successful business. You need to get the right authorization and permits, so you can start without any problem.

It is easy to import short and medium grain parboiled rice from India to UAE if you follow the legal requirements and secure the right licenses to do business in the Country. If you do this, you won’t encounter any problem.

You need to get the necessary IEC Certificate for Import & Export for your desired product. An enquiry is also necessary. It should specify information about the product including size details, quantity required, drawing if available, delivery schedule, packing mode, sample if possible, dispatch mode and manner of payment. It must also include the terms of payment acceptable to the buyer. If there’s any Certificate of Origin and pre-shipment inspection required, you should include it as well. Don’t forget to include the name of the agency that will be issuing the certificate or doing the inspection. Here are other things that you should keep in mind.

Proforma Generation and Order Placement

The exporter will issue a Proforma Invoice to the buyer after assessing the enquiry. If the offer is fair in terms of delivery, payment terms and cost, the buyer will place an order and give as much information as possible about his order.

Shipment and Removal of Goods

Once the exporter accepts receipt of the order, they will provide a delivery schedule. The goods will be packed in export worthy cartons or cases. The exporter will prepare the Invoice as well. A packing list is needed if the buyer ordered more than one package.

Documents for Clearing & Forwarding Agents

It is best to get the package sealed by the Central Excise authorities at the warehouse itself to avoid open inspection by Customs at the Port. If export shipments are removed from the warehouse, the exporter must provide Central Excise authorities with the right proof of export.

The exporter must also provide documents to the C&F agents who are responsible for shipping the goods. These documents include the packing list, invoice, Declaration in Form SDF in duplicate, 1st and 2nd copy of AR4 and other declarations needed by Customs. The C&F agents also need to file the shipping documents with Customs.

After assessing the shipping bill and cargo, the export packages are allowed by Customs for ultimate export. The C&F agents must forward the duplicate of Form SDF, customs signed export packing list and invoice, airway bill or bill of lading, original AR4 duplicate endorsed by Customs and the shipping bill’s exchange control copy to the exporter.

Bills negotiation comes next. Payment terms can be DA terms, DP terms or letter of credit payable at days or at sight.

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