Rice Export Opportunities from India

India really stood out first in rice by total area and second when it comes to rice production. It also mainly contributes 21.5% of rice production globally. In the country, rice takes up one quarter of the cropped area. Thus, this contributes 40-43% of the entire food grain production. This also plays its essential role in the livelihood system and the national food.

In the entire post-independence era, developments have really taken place due to green revolution. A cropping intensity and increased area turned India from such a net importing country in the mid-1960s to an exporter of quality rice in 1990.

With the fast adoption of rice varieties from the 1960s including its development, it just fairly contributed to the excellent output growth. Thus, this enhances the availability of rice. The productivity gains and major production have allowed India to sustain and attain self-sufficiency in rice ever since the 1980s.

Truly, India is now capable of maintaining self-sufficiency and producing a surplus of export. It is just that concrete pragmatic policies and strategies need to be considered to take advantage of the newer opportunities in trading in the GATT period.

The rice export opportunities from India rely much on the following reasons; rice has just become one of the main exportable commodities. It has its 9% share in the total agricultural exports from the year of 1994 to 1995; now, increasing to 22.4 percent in 1995 to 1996. India’s agricultural product export also grew in all the departments, so rice is maintaining a 10% share right now. In addition to that, there is a huge demand of people from other countries in rice from India. India has really made a mark in the category of non-basmati rice.

Below are the ways on how to get the most from rice export opportunities from India:

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