Types of Non-Basmati Rice Exported from India

Non-basmati rice from India comes in different kinds of sizes and shapes. Some of the rice varieties are slender and long while some are thick and short. Some of them are just like beads and some are round. And, they do not have the same characteristics of basmati rice and they do not have post cooking elongation and aroma.

Moreover, Non-basmati rice is popularly known for rice porridge and in mostly Indian dishes. This is also a healthy dish because it contains less starch. This can also be easily digested that suits to the preference of a buyer. This is also good when it comes to preparing dishes such as fried rice, biryani, sweet pongal and daily cooking.

The following are the types of non-basmati rice that are exported from India:

With the types of non-basmati rice that are exported from India, for sure you would enjoy their delectable taste and aroma. This rice variety is a staple food among rice eaters. It is superior and it is such quality rice that is free from stones and dust. This is also processed with cleanliness and care. In addition to that, this has its nutritional values and this possesses a long shelf life.

It is not a wonder that many people are interested in exporting non-basmati rice for it is filled with nutrients and taste. Each grain is best refined to meet the unsurpassed quality standards. This is also perfectly packaged in preserving the exquisiteness and nutrition in taste. This is also mainly available in different packing options like cotton bag, jute bag, poly pack, non-woven fabric bag and paper bag in different sizes. Nevertheless, it is intended to meet the requirement of every buyer.

As per the delivery time, it will likewise depend on the negotiation made between the exporting company and the importing company. Now, you already have learned more about the types of non-basmati rice that are exported from India and that meet your unique needs!

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