What is the Healthiest Rice Type in India?

Rice is one of the most staple foods of people around the world for years. Today, basmati rice from India grows in popularity among others including medium, long and short-grain white, red, yellow rice, brown rice, and black shades in between.

When it comes to the healthiest rice type in India, it is none other than Basmati and Sona Masuri/Masoori rice. These are healthy super grains and low in fat content, they are gluten-free. In addition to that, they contain essential amino acids and folic acid and does not have cholesterol and sodium ingredients. If you need sona masoori rice in bulk, then contact us for the current price.

Indian Basmati rice is widely popular in western countries. With its low to medium glycemic index, it only means to say that the energy can be released at such a steadier and slower rate. This could now lead to a well-balanced energy level. With its good taste and fluffy texture, it can really bring a completely different experience in regard with taste and mouth-feel- unique, slightly nutty and distinctive. With its wonderful aroma that makes it the healthiest rice type, it can simply be cooked than baking bread.

Basmati rice being the healthiest rice type in India, this paddy is harvested once in a year. This also requires weather conditions for it to flourish and mature. This plant is taller as compared to other rice and this is prone to damages. This further requires constant care and vigilance coming from a farmer. This way, the plant will develop its unique and complex flavor including other characteristics. The affection and love of a farmer will reflect in the premium rice as compared to the long grain rice.

Basmati is not only popular for being dry rice but for being the healthiest rice type in India. Sales have also grown over the past twenty years!

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