Why to Buy Rice from India?

India has already come a long way in the production of rice. It also became a major rice exporter especially in the recent years. Considering the fact that rice is the staple food of half of the entire population, it is also the key pillar for food security.

Through the support of the state government, India has made it possible embarking on different rice developmental schemes like the NFSM and SRPP. The government in India also carries out procurement, price support and distribution program in rice to monitor the quality and regulate proper pricing.

Here are the top 4 reasons why one should import rice from India:

  1. India is already the highest exporter of rice.
  2. India produces the best quality of rice, it is the highest producer of Basmati rice.
  3. Quality is always maintained, this is why it has surpassed all the countries and became the numero uno in rice export.
  4. Rice trading is a business that India has mastered in so there will be very less hiccups in importing rice from India.

In addition to that, the government also implemented policies that help boost the production of rice. There are also numerous subsidies that can range from irrigation to fertilizer, machineries, seeds, electricity and foods. The agricultural inputs are also subsidized that help keep the farm costs low. Electricity and irrigation are also supplied to farmers at low costs.

Due to these very reasons, it is just a good decision to buy rice from India. For once, it is by far the biggest producers of brown rice and white rice. If you want these rice varieties, you could easily buy them from India. 

In addition to that, rice is the main grains of India that it only means to say that there is a vast supply of rice in the country. It also flourishes comfortably in humid and hot climate. It passes through different methods according to the type of region.

The regions in India that cultivate the crop include Eastern and Western coastal strip that cover all deltas, low hills and plains, Terai region, foothills, Himalayas and other states such as Bihar, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. It is also through their irrigation methods that they made it possible to export rice to other states. In this regard, it could already be noted that it is easy to buy rice from India. There is no way that one will be denied an access to it.

Haryana and Punjab also grow their rice mainly for export-related purposes. The hilly fields also suit for rice farming backed by water irrigation, planting methods and use of fertilizers. This is why basmati rice is very common in this region.  

In addition to that, summer rice crop and winter rice crop are common in India. This also means to say that rice grows in all seasons in the country.  For as long as the plains are well-drained, rice can grow and stand there. Even labor factors are also not a big issue in the cultivation of rice in India.

Nevertheless, there are no strict regulations when it comes to buying rice from India. But, it is just right to follow specific rules and regulations, especially in the import and export of rice from the country.

Now, you already have learned why you need to buy rice from India considering the very reason that it is the staple food in the country. A lot of people are now planning to buy rice from India due to the availability, ease of access and more!

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